the girl Alice

Alice is a childish girl-type thing. Left to her own devices, she wears silly, frilly clothing and consumes only desserts and tea.

the bear Rose

Rose is a small pink bear in a yellow dress who often travels in Alice’s knitting bag. When not traveling, she enjoys lounging near the computer or upon the bookcase.

the yarn endless, varied, & infinite

When she was in junior high and on vacation with her grandparents in Door County, Nana taught Alice how to knit. Alice knit a scarf-and-a-half and forgot about knitting until she picked it up briefly in high school. It was then forgotten once more until university, only to be discarded again until graduate school, when she opened a suitcase and discovered it was full of yarn. She took up knitting to have something to do on the train while commuting to work and school.

She likes to buy yarn, particularly what she perceives as ~fancy~ yarn, and it stays stowed in the yarn suitcase as she tries to work her way through it. Alice is committed towards maintaining good yarn turnover, rather than accumulating an epic stash.

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