It’s All Sweaters from Here on Down

The sweater begun in December was completed in January! Cherrystone by Katya Frankel was a joy to knit. I’m tempted to knit another one, especially considering that I’ve been wearing the finished sweater quite a bit in the first quarter of this year.

What came after that? Well, I finished up a crocheted blanket that I’d been working on for quite a while, winding up with leftovers for… another sweater! This one involved some lovely colourwork, very easy to adapt to all the leftovers that I found myself with. Sinikka by Isabella H. is a nice child size, too—bigger than “toddler” but still a fairly quick project. It made excellent steeking practice, too! (I used these instructions for guidance.)

After a brief interlude, now we’re back to sweaters again. In 2015 I bought a kit from Universal Yarn for their All Colors Sweater. I saw it in the fashion show at Vogue Knitting Live! and thought it looked beautiful and like a challenge. I enjoy both of these things. (Although clearly not enough to start the project at a reasonable time!)

I began in June of 2016, and then ignored it until early 2017. After a few weeks in spring of 2017, including having to rip out the project when I went to divide for the sleeves and discovered my counts were very wrong, I gave up again until driven back to it by extreme shame in February 2019. This time, I’m not allowed to give up. I have to finish it or be slain in the process. XD

A tabby cat sitting thoroughly atop a multi-hue colourwork sweater, sprawled across it and interfering with future progress

“I claim this sweater for cat!”

To be honest, I’m finding it an ✨enjoyable✨ knit, but unfortunately also a tedious one. Hilariously, my cat seems to love it more than I do. Anytime I avert my eyes for a moment, she makes an attempt to claim it!

I finished the sleeves and I’m finally ready to… steek it. I’m prepared. I can do this. It’s the moment of truth! ✂