Winter Woodland Games Finish Line

Winter Is Here SocksOn Thursday night I completed my goal of finishing all cable repeats for the foot of the sock. Not only did I meet that goal, I met it relatively early in the evening. And then, drunk on success and stubbornness, I stayed up until much later than I ought to have stayed up to finish the toe and weave in the ends. The result? My socks for the Tiny Owl Knits Winter Woodland Games 2014 were finished Thursday evening! (Or… one might say… early Friday morning… ¬_¬)

This wrapped up my project for this event well in advance of the Monday deadline~! ★ So exciting! ◠▽◠ I was faaaaaaaar too overconfident at first, before the event began, but as we inched closer and closer to the deadline I knew I’d never manage to make two pairs of socks…and finishing the single pair I started seemed like it was in jeopardy!

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WIP Wednesday: Woodland Games

WIP Wednesday - At FirstWednesday was a few days ago, but I didn’t have time to write it up until today–there’s always going to be a delay for me. I do my knitting in the evenings after work, after all, and I really don’t stay up very late.

Overall, this has been a very productive week for my knitting–much better than last week, at least! Last week was busy for many reasons, and I honestly didn’t get very much knitting done. There were a few evenings where I didn’t knit even a little bit–like last Wednesday, hence no update for that day. Sometimes things just get in the way, after all. Normally this wouldn’t bother me at all; I love to knit, but I don’t want to feel controlled by any of my hobbies. I have enough sources of stress in my life–hobbies are supposed to be fun! ♫

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The Winter Woodland Games Begin

Twisted Rib Sock Cuff The Tiny Owl Knits Winter Woodland Games 2014 officially began on Friday, February 7th~ I managed to finish up all my works in progress prior to the event’s beginning–exactly what I had hoped to accomplish~ In fact, I was ready about a day in advance, making Thursday evening slooooooow and boring as I tried to figure out how to keep myself occupied without starting a new project. In the end, I wound the sock yarn for this project. I do not own either a ball winder or a swift, so it is a long and tedious process… but it did keep me busy! (And it was something I needed to do as prep work before the games officially began.)

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