Better with a Sweater

I’m growing pretty fond of the crochet-chain reinforced steeking process. ✂ It seems to do exactly what I need it to do. Cutting the steek on the Prism Colours Sweater involved some trepidation, but I managed.

Picking up the stitches for the neck took me a minute or two. I needed a crochet hook to actually get into some of the stitches I wanted to pick up from. (When I was using just the tip of my needle, which usually suits me just fine, I kept sneaking past the right leg of the stitch and winding up somewhere in middlesland.) Although the original pattern has a border of colour and garter stitch, I decided that wasn’t what I wanted. I do love the look of the i-cord edging; that was my focus instead. ✨

Close up of a rainbow-knit sweater with black Fair Isle pattern, showing the steek for a cardigan opening with black i-cord edging

I didn’t manage to knit the edging on the body the same day that I finished the neck—i-cord edging is a smidge time-consuming—but I stayed up with it the next evening to check it off my list. I’m really happy with how it looks! 🌟 I’m glad I decided to go this route.

I finally finished the edging and sewed down the inside edges from the steek… this sweater just needs to be washed, blocked, and have a zipper sewn in! So close to the finish line!

A tabby cat sitting thoroughly atop a multi-hue colourwork sweater, sprawled across it and interfering with future progress

It’s All Sweaters from Here on Down

The sweater begun in December was completed in January! Cherrystone by Katya Frankel was a joy to knit. I’m tempted to knit another one, especially considering that I’ve been wearing the finished sweater quite a bit in the first quarter of this year.

What came after that? Well, I finished up a crocheted blanket that I’d been working on for quite a while, winding up with leftovers for… another sweater! This one involved some lovely colourwork, very easy to adapt to all the leftovers that I found myself with. Sinikka by Isabella H. is a nice child size, too—bigger than “toddler” but still a fairly quick project. It made excellent steeking practice, too! (I used these instructions for guidance.)

After a brief interlude, now we’re back to sweaters again. In 2015 I bought a kit from Universal Yarn for their All Colors Sweater. I saw it in the fashion show at Vogue Knitting Live! and thought it looked beautiful and like a challenge. I enjoy both of these things. (Although clearly not enough to start the project at a reasonable time!)

I began in June of 2016, and then ignored it until early 2017. After a few weeks in spring of 2017, including having to rip out the project when I went to divide for the sleeves and discovered my counts were very wrong, I gave up again until driven back to it by extreme shame in February 2019. This time, I’m not allowed to give up. I have to finish it or be slain in the process. XD

A tabby cat sitting thoroughly atop a multi-hue colourwork sweater, sprawled across it and interfering with future progress

“I claim this sweater for cat!”

To be honest, I’m finding it an ✨enjoyable✨ knit, but unfortunately also a tedious one. Hilariously, my cat seems to love it more than I do. Anytime I avert my eyes for a moment, she makes an attempt to claim it!

I finished the sleeves and I’m finally ready to… steek it. I’m prepared. I can do this. It’s the moment of truth! ✂

A cake of yarn, with shades of tan, gray, white, and pink, inside of a pastel crocheted bag, with the beginning of twisted ribbing around it

Another Day (…Year?), Another Sweater

A cake of yarn, with shades of tan, gray, white, and pink, inside of a pastel crocheted bag, with the beginning of twisted ribbing around it The cold weather is finally here, despite weeks of teasing. ❄

In early August, Michaels ensnared me with a very good price on their Caron Baby Cakes. Based on what I paid I thought this yarn was being discontinued, but the Caron Cakes varieties seem to move in and out of discontinued status on a whim. I picked up the “Dreamy Rose” rolls because I adore pink and gray, and these have both. (As well as some cream and white tones.) I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to make with them. I’ve used the Cakes for scarves and shawls, even a sweater. (I particularly like it for crochet with interesting stitches, such as the Lost in Time shawl by Johanna Lindahl; it gives the look of having changed colours for different sections without doing the actual work or having ends to weave in!)

I’ve been finding myself down Amazon rabbit-holes, looking at sweaters and not really caring for any of them, so I finally wrapped up a few projects (some socks I started in April…), pulled this out of my stash, and set about looking for a pattern! After considering several options, I settled on Cherrystone by Katya Frankel. The heart-shaped cabling is so cute! ♥  I’m planning to do two-row stripes with two cakes, offset slightly, after the ribbing. If it doesn’t work, I’ll unravel and try again, but I usually like two-row stripes.

Hopefully I don’t delay too long on it; I could really use another sweater, particularly one more that’s cozy and made by me! I’m not knitting Christmas presents this year, so hopefully I won’t find too many distractions. It’s the perfect season for a knitting project and a cup of tea! ☃

So Many WIPs…

Generally speaking, I try to avoid having too many projects in-progress. I don’t like thinking about all those things that I’ve started but haven’t finished yet. Unfortunately, right now I have quite a few WIPs–many more than I would prefer to have ongoing. It might not be very many for others knitters and crocheters who live for the thrill of a new project, but it’s too many for me. Unfortunately, I’m not at a good point to finish any of them up!

My oldest WIP is from July 2014–the tiny wild rose hand puff. It’s a Tiny Owl Knits pattern: tiny violet hand puff. I haven’t made any progress on this since April of this year… because I ran out of yarn and haven’t bought more. It’s easy for me to stall when I have a project that needs more yarn, since I’ve been trying to work down my stash of yarn. I know that it probably would be a good idea to buy more yarn and finish this, but every time I start to buy the yarn I need I can’t go through with it.

That’s the same problem I’ve had with this other muff: forest leaf muff. It dates from the same period as the other hand-cozy, although it’s been on hiatus longer. I also ran out of yarn and haven’t had the motivation to buy more.

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Conquering the Sweater of Doom

Sort of Like a SweaterIt might seem as though I started an epic cabled sweater and halted, but that is far from the truth. I have been slaving away on the cabled sweater made with Irish yarn for weeks. “Slaving away” implies that it was an unfortunate encounter, but that’s far from the truth. It was a lot of work, but it was work that I really enjoyed. I did not enjoy ripping sections out, but I enjoyed the satisfaction of re-knitting them and seeing the new piece lacking the flaws of the old. It was that kind of project~

This sweater involved a lot of my time because the size just kept seeming kind of strange, no matter how many times I measured and calculated and tested. I held the body pieces up against my torso to test that they were the correct size, and they seemed okay… only to look oddly-sized when laid down.

The sleeves caused me the most trouble–they were simply too wide for my arms per the pattern instructions, and I had a few false starts trying to get a width that made sense for my body.

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Cabled Socks and Cabled Sweater and Cabled Hat

Finished Silver Socks I’ve been knitting away, but not necessarily with much visible progress lately. My socks are done~! ♥ In the end, I didn’t make the legs any longer than the pattern recommended–I was worried about running out of yarn, which was silly because I have tiny feet and there are always plenty of leftovers, but I worried anyway. I love-love-love the finished socks! The cables are gorgeous, the socks are not short enough to make me regret my decision, and the colour is beautiful~ I haven’t even worn them yet–I just hold them and sigh happily, haha!

As soon as I finished the socks, I started on an epic sweater. Why is it epic? Well, many years ago my stepfather lived and worked abroad in Ireland. When my mother visited him for a vacation, they brought back souvenirs for the family. I got yarn. (When I was given the yarn they told me that when looking for something for me they initially were going to get me a sweater, but the sweaters were expensive so they opted for the yarn…) I’ve held on the to yarn for a long time, but it was destined to be the last yarn in my stash for knitting…and with the socks done, that project’s hour was struck!

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Charcoal Tweed Sweater

Charcoal ShouldersIn 2012 I attended Vogue Knitting Live! Chicago and purchased some tweed yarn from Studio Donegal. I really liked how soft and beautiful it was, and I bought several skeins hoping to knit myself a sweater. I didn’t have a sweater pattern in mind, and it took me a while to find one that I really wanted to wear and enjoy. Eventually I stumbled into a knit along thread featuring Ease by Alicia Plummer, and I knew that was the sweater pattern.

I didn’t start it until this December, however. By early December I had knit my way through most of the yarn that I had purchased or inherited. Additionally, things at work had been very stressful–and I wanted to knit something that would be fun and satisfying. (Most of my knitting prior to November had felt more like obligation than fun…)

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