30 Days of Knitting: Day 12

Day 12: Where do you keep your stash? Post pictures!

Yarn and Accessory Storage

I’ve managed to keep all of my yarn and knitting supplies in these two portable bags.

My stash generally lives in what I refer to as “the knitting suitcase.” It’s a moderately sized gray suitcase with many, many pockets; for a long time it was my primary travel suitcase. I started storing my knitting supplies in this suitcase when I was in university. At the time, I no longer to use that suitcase for travel but I was not quite settled down in terms of where I lived. I wanted a way to tote all of my knitting supplies with me without misplacing or losing anything. It needed to be a portable storage solution, too, so that it could come with me when I moved from place to place.

This suitcase has two zippered outer pockets–one about as large as the entire front panel of the suitcase and the other much smaller. It has a zippered mesh pouch and a pocket with an elastic gathered opening on the inside of the top side. Inside the body of the suitcase there are two zippered pockets along the longer sides, and one zippered pocket at the bottom of the shorter edge where the cover hinges. It has two buckled straps to hold contents into the open area. Continue reading