Better with a Sweater

I’m growing pretty fond of the crochet-chain reinforced steeking process. ✂ It seems to do exactly what I need it to do. Cutting the steek on the Prism Colours Sweater involved some trepidation, but I managed.

Picking up the stitches for the neck took me a minute or two. I needed a crochet hook to actually get into some of the stitches I wanted to pick up from. (When I was using just the tip of my needle, which usually suits me just fine, I kept sneaking past the right leg of the stitch and winding up somewhere in middlesland.) Although the original pattern has a border of colour and garter stitch, I decided that wasn’t what I wanted. I do love the look of the i-cord edging; that was my focus instead. ✨

Close up of a rainbow-knit sweater with black Fair Isle pattern, showing the steek for a cardigan opening with black i-cord edging

I didn’t manage to knit the edging on the body the same day that I finished the neck—i-cord edging is a smidge time-consuming—but I stayed up with it the next evening to check it off my list. I’m really happy with how it looks! 🌟 I’m glad I decided to go this route.

I finally finished the edging and sewed down the inside edges from the steek… this sweater just needs to be washed, blocked, and have a zipper sewn in! So close to the finish line!