So Many WIPs…

Generally speaking, I try to avoid having too many projects in-progress. I don’t like thinking about all those things that I’ve started but haven’t finished yet. Unfortunately, right now I have quite a few WIPs–many more than I would prefer to have ongoing. It might not be very many for others knitters and crocheters who live for the thrill of a new project, but it’s too many for me. Unfortunately, I’m not at a good point to finish any of them up!

My oldest WIP is from July 2014–the tiny wild rose hand puff. It’s a Tiny Owl Knits pattern: tiny violet hand puff. I haven’t made any progress on this since April of this year… because I ran out of yarn and haven’t bought more. It’s easy for me to stall when I have a project that needs more yarn, since I’ve been trying to work down my stash of yarn. I know that it probably would be a good idea to buy more yarn and finish this, but every time I start to buy the yarn I need I can’t go through with it.

That’s the same problem I’ve had with this other muff: forest leaf muff. It dates from the same period as the other hand-cozy, although it’s been on hiatus longer. I also ran out of yarn and haven’t had the motivation to buy more.

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30 Days of Knitting: Day 8

Day 8: What’s your most challenging project?

The most challenging project that I’ve worked on so far was a cabled cardigan. (I haven’t done anything really amazingly complicated.)

I love wearing cardigans, so when I bought some really soft synthetic yarn in a beautiful shade of lunar gray I decided to make one for myself. I saw the pattern Velynda by ChicKnits and fell in love~ ♥ I adore the panels of small cables. The pattern isn’t terribly difficult, and I wanted to expand my skills, so I bought it.

First, I didn’t have enough yarn (Bahia by Schoeller+Stahl). I really, really liked it and didn’t want to substitute, but I only had about half as much as I needed. I went back to the shop that I had originally purchased the yarn, but even though they found another skein of it for me I still didn’t have enough. I searched on the internet and placed an order from a webshop, but a few days later they emailed me to tell me they couldn’t fill my order–they didn’t have any of the yarn. I found a second online seller with the yarn, thankfully, but the communication was almost nonexistent and I basically didn’t know the yarn was available until it arrived at my house. Continue reading