5KCBWDAY5 – Something A Bit Different

It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog.

Today’s ♥♥Loves♥♥

  1. Rowan Big Wool. I am obsessed. Ever since that bundle arrived in the mail, I keep thinking about more patterns I could make with more of it to justify buying more of it. I dream of hoarding it and sitting on the wooly pile like Smaug.

    This is what I aspire to, just imagine the silly “treasure” as a much more valuable bounty: soft, beautiful, Merino yarn~ ♥

  2. Tiny Owl Knits. This ties in nicely with the above, because so many of her patterns are designed to use the yarn of my current obsession. I already have that yarn in supply for three patterns from Woodland Knits: Woodland Hoodlet, Dragon Watcher’s Hood, and Tiny Violet Hand Puff. But what about Grimm’s Cottage???
    Grimm's Cottage by Tiny Owl Knits

    I have not forgotten about you, Grimm’s Cottage. I am merely temporarily distracted because your pattern is not in the Woodland Knits book… and I am desperately trying not to spend additional money.

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