So Many WIPs…

Generally speaking, I try to avoid having too many projects in-progress. I don’t like thinking about all those things that I’ve started but haven’t finished yet. Unfortunately, right now I have quite a few WIPs–many more than I would prefer to have ongoing. It might not be very many for others knitters and crocheters who live for the thrill of a new project, but it’s too many for me. Unfortunately, I’m not at a good point to finish any of them up!

My oldest WIP is from July 2014–the tiny wild rose hand puff. It’s a Tiny Owl Knits pattern: tiny violet hand puff. I haven’t made any progress on this since April of this year… because I ran out of yarn and haven’t bought more. It’s easy for me to stall when I have a project that needs more yarn, since I’ve been trying to work down my stash of yarn. I know that it probably would be a good idea to buy more yarn and finish this, but every time I start to buy the yarn I need I can’t go through with it.

That’s the same problem I’ve had with this other muff: forest leaf muff. It dates from the same period as the other hand-cozy, although it’s been on hiatus longer. I also ran out of yarn and haven’t had the motivation to buy more.

Next in line is my endless scarf. I started this in late November of last year–I haven’t run out of yarn to work on it, it’s just very slow going. Every once in a while I think about focusing on this Robin Scarf of mine, but I get so little enjoyment from working on it for more than a few repeats at a time.

The next two are both baby blankets crocheted with the same yarn, taken from my mother’s house, with two different patterns and two different colourways: Bricks and Blocks and Pastel Lace. I started each of these because I was away from home and kind of bored. My mom has plenty of yarn tucked away around the house, and I know where her crochet hooks are. I might focus on these after this year’s Vogue Knitting LIVE! is over. (I can’t helping hoping to make a few more projects that I can actually wear to the event before it starts on October 2.)

The actual knitting and crochet for the Innocent World Hair Ribbon I started recently is done. (It’s not exactly a very time-consuming pattern.) I cannot assemble it and finish the project because I lack other materials, specifically lace and ribbon to decorate the bow with. I think I’m going to have to knit or crochet the lace, because I’ve been unable to source pretty cotton lace that looks similar to what is shown in the photos of the magazine. I don’t have crochet cotton, although a friend should be able to lend me some, so I haven’t been able to start that next step.

I started a new WIP yesterday: a baby sweater. Although this is not something I can wear at Vogue Knitting LIVE!, I think I can finish it up quickly enough. I attended a baby shower over the weekend. This sweater uses the leftover yarn from some of the baby shower decorations. I think I have just enough for this cardigan, but we shall see. This is a project that I should be able to finish without needing to buy or find extra things, as I already have buttons.

What really needs to happen is that I ought to buy yarn so I can finish up some of the oldest of these projects. I don’t like having so many things left unfinished.