Muted Rainbow Seaforth Hat

I first spotted the Seaforth hat pattern on the LoveKnitting Twitter, back in November of 2014. I downloaded the free pattern right away, knowing I’d save it for some future hat. I love making hats, and this hat had the kind of simple repeat that I often opt for. I didn’t have a yarn in mind, but considering what it was originally knit with, I didn’t think there would be a problem substituting something in.

In spring 2015 I bought a single skein of Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere in a muted rainbow colorway called “Milky Spite.” I intended it as a spring hat for myself, although I didn’t start on it during the spring of this year. I had my eye on the Tiny Owl Knits pattern Orchids & Fairylights, but I didn’t acquire the pattern until later in the year. (A very, very kind Ravelry user gave it to me as a gift!)

When I had the opportunity to start a hat, feeling a bit burned out on crochet blankets, I realized that my yarn didn’t quite get the gauge I wanted for the TOK hat. Browsing through other hat patterns to decide what to do with it, I recalled Seaforth and cast on. It was a well-written pattern that was easy to follow and simple to memorize. As usual, I knit my ribbing longer than the 1″ most patterns ask for; I just like more ribbing for my hats. I knit this hat with no problem on the train during my commute, during my lunch break, and relaxing at home watching BBC shorts. It was finished in a few days.

The weather is already starting to get a little bit chilly, so hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to wear it soon!