A Beautiful Shells Blanket

I took a brief hiatus on my projects for a few reasons. The weather over here spiked to fairly high temperatures and some unpleasant humidity. This absolutely kills my desire to knit or have yarn touching me, especially because I don’t have air conditioning in my home. My schedule involved a number of events and activities that made getting some knitting or crocheting time more difficult–including an amazing overseas vacation that I did not want to bring yarn with for. I like packing light, and a blanket like this is not light. I had also never traveled internationally before, and I was very worried about getting things confiscated at the airport. To have peace of mind, I left all the yarn at home.

Before I left I did some intermittent work on the blanket. (It reached the “yarn black hole” stage where I could physically see that I was doing things, but it didn’t appear to actually use up any yarn. This of course meant that when the stage ended I was suddenly very low on yarn and realized it would be wrapping up soon.)

When I got back I tackled the last task for the blanket–edging. I did not have enough yarn to do another round of white with the shells, but I really wanted to have the edge be white. I initially tried a double v-stitch edging, but as much as I loved how it looked, I just didn’t have enough yarn. I even though about substituting another yarn, but the Dazzleaire has such a peculiar look to it that I didn’t want to settle on a partial match. I tried poking around Ravelry for someone with Dazzleaire marked as trade/sell, but no one responded to me. I took it out and came up with a different edging based on necessity.

Due to the amount of yarn left, I just did groupings of 3 dc with 2-chain between each. In fact, I didn’t even actually have enough yarn for this edge. My very last edging section is only 1 dc. It was such a minor issue that I didn’t want to try something new. I doubt most people would ever notice (or care). The main objective was successful–put an edge (in white) around the blanket!

I really liked the way the shells look in this stitch pattern. I’d consider making another blanket in this manner at some future date, if the yarn was right. I still have to measure it; I’d like to know how big it ultimately turned out. There are 14 skeins of Dazzleaire in there! It’s not quite large enough to cover a full-sized bed, but it makes a good try. (I laid it out on a full-sized bed to take a picture.) It’s so nice to have that yarn used up!