WIP Wednesday: Crochet Blanket

It’s been very warm lately–even though it’s a much milder summer than previous years. Somehow, on these incredibly warm days (they feel even warmer than they otherwise might; I don’t have air conditioning) all I can think about is making a blanket. I’ve been fixated on making a blanket since the temperature spiked. (Maybe all the weird weather stuff has broken me.) I wanted to start a blanket so much that I contemplated buying yarn for such a project, even though that goes completely against my plan to use my stash.

A few weekends ago, I succumbed. I did not, however, have to buy yarn! My mother has caches of yarn hidden in her house, typically in blanket quantities. I unearthed some, claimed it as my own, and started on a crocheted blanket. I picked a pattern that is worked in the round, so that I don’t have to worry about size now. I’ll just keep going until I run out of yarn. I almost opted for a traditional giant granny square, but I wanted something a little bit more interesting. Beautiful Shells Blanket by Lahoma Nally-Kaye caught my eye. 🐚 I’m really enjoying it, especially the corners! 🐚 The corners are so pretty that I’m starting to think about making a future squares blanket with this pattern, so it will have even more corners. 🐚

The yarn for this project is pretty amusing. It is Caron Dazzleaire, a discontinued yarn that my mother absolutely adores. It has an acrylic core shrouded in a translucent tube of very reflective nylon. It gives it a sheen and sparkle without glitter or sequins. I worked on another project with this yarn earlier mid/late last year–I unearthed a partially-finished squares afghan in mid-October and took it upon myself to finish it up. My mother prefers afghans that don’t need to be joined, so she had abandoned this project out of disinterest even though it was nearly complete. Dazzleaire is not really a bad yarn–it doesn’t rub my fingers raw or feels unpleasant when I’m working with it–but it’s always funny to me that it’s this strange older yarn that my mom is so attached to. When I found it and said I was going to use it she reminded me that Dazzleaire is her favourite yarn.

Last night I didn’t make too much progress–I finished up the most recent two rounds of white and started up with the mulberry again. I began with 2 skeins of white, 6 skeins of mulberry, and 6 skeins of dark celestial. I’ve been alternating colours every two rounds, working in the pattern of *white, mulberry, dark celestial, mulberry, dark celestial, mulberry, dark celestial (repeat from *). It’s too hot to hold the blanket on my lap while I’m working, so I’ve been doing some strange contortionist moves to not have it stifling me while I’m crocheting. I don’t think there’s enough white left for a future section of two rounds; I’ll probably try to use what I have to border it somehow when I’m otherwise done.

I wonder how large the final blanket will end up being~ ♥