WIP Wednesday: Leftovers Hat

I actually thought that I’d be posting about another project that I’m working on right now, but those mittens reached a point on Tuesday where they were finished with one step and ready for blocking. They were still wet on Wednesday, so I couldn’t do any other work on them. Instead, I wound up working on a hat with the goal of using up some leftover yarn. I don’t like having leftover yarn, but I do like making hats. ★

I decided to crochet instead of knitting, so I picked a hat pattern accordingly. I searched in Ravelry, and the image of this hat caught my eye (and met my criteria for yardage, etc.), and when I saw it was a pattern from moogly that seemed an even better reason to pick it! ♥ (Lately I’ve really been enjoying some of the patterns and tutorials from moogly.) I actually started it on Tuesday, but I didn’t get any farther than the increases for the crown–I was left with a big potholder-looking item at the end of the evening.

I didn’t use as many colours as the pattern suggested. I just wanted to take care of the yarn that I had left over. Honestly, I really enjoyed this yarn (Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash® Aran) and I kind of wish I had more of it! It’s such a fluffy Merino, and light gray and white are colours that I generally adore. I can imagine a lot of things I’d like in light gray or white where a heavy weight yarn might come in handy. I didn’t want to buy more yarn–that’s directly opposite to my goal of using up my yarn stash. When I finished up this hat early this morning, checking those two yarns off my list was really satisfying!

I made pretty good progress on Wednesday–repeated the pattern sections 7 times and then completed the final row of the hat’s edge prior to the ribbed brim. I even got started on the ribbed brim and worked my way through the gray yarn! (In the second image, the little teal stitch marker shows where I stopped Wednesday night.)

I brought the hat-in-progress with me this morning, thinking I’d work on it at lunch, but I was able to crochet a bit while waiting for my train to arrive and during the commute. By the time I reached my office, there were just ends to sew in and trim! I just barely made it as far as having enough yardage–and I even shortened the number of stitches in each row of the brim from 5 to 4. There was a moment on the train when I counted the number of ribbing rows left, smiled, and then realized with horror that I had the tail end of the yarn in my hand. (Thankfully there were a few more yards of yarn hiding in my bag! Crisis averted!)

It felt like a productive Wednesday on the yarn front~! ♥