Time for Christmas Knitting

I don’t knit for the holidays every year, but I’ve decided to do so this year! I already got a head start with a hat and cowl set, and I’ve mapped out that I needed to create the following:

  1. 5 ladies’ hats
  2. 3 men’s hats
  3. 2 men’s cowls
  4. 1 ladies’ cowl
  5. 1 blanket
  6. 3 unknown ladies’ items

Small Army of HatsI took advantage of a yarn sale to pick up super bulky yarn (Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick) for 4 of the 5 ladies’ hats. It’s one of the acrylic blends I dislike the least, and ease of washing matters for a few of these recipients. I used the pattern Free Rapunzel! because I had so much fun making one for me. Whipping up these hats wound up being just about as entertaining as the first one was. It’s so quick and easy, and I love the look of the all the braids. It’s really only cutting through the pompoms that I don’t enjoy; the scissors hurt my fingers. x_x

Blanket-in-ProgressThe blanket in question is for a 1-year-old girl, but I didn’t want something typically “girly.” I spotted the Prismatic Stimuli blanket on display at Loopy Yarns and immediately something clicked that it was the right design. The colours of the sample, although they were lovely, were not the right colours for the family of said girl. A friend and I painstakingly swapped the palette to something blue instead of violet.

I discovered while working on this that I am really fond of Rowan’s Pure Wool Worsted. It’s definitely not the softest yarn I’ve ever used, but I enjoy the colours and the way it feels in my fingers when I work with it. Also, it washes up beautifully. The instructions for this pattern request that you wash the blanket but not dry it in the dryer (although the yarn is superwash) and I found that this really opened up the lace patterns on the blanket. I’ll definitely take some additional pictures of it before it heads off to its new home during the holiday season!

Stripity HatMy original plans involved knitting the same hat for both of my brothers, but my younger brother caught wind of my plan and informed me that he is very attached to his current hat but lacks a scarf (hint, hint, hint). I carried on with the other hat anyway.

This hat immediately captured the attention of my husband, who thought it was for him and tried to take it. When I explained that it was a Christmas present not-for-him he was very disappointed. I had plenty of yarn left over from that first hat, so I made another one. Thanks to the long colour changes in Noro Silk Garden, the second hat looks different from the first–almost all blues and greens. Amusingly, there is still more yarn. In fact, there appears to be enough to make a 3rd hat… and that just might be what I end up doing.

Right now I’m still missing some of the supplies I need, but I’ve got a plan and should be done without any last-minute December rushing~ My current list looks like:

  1. 1 ladies’ hat (need additional yarn)
  2. 1 men’s hat
  3. 1 men’s cowl (need additional yarn)
  4. 1 ladies’ cowl (need crochet hook)
  5. 3 unknown ladies’ items (need ideas!)