Yarn from Love Knitting and a Hoodlet Beginning

I really love the patterns in the Woodland Knits book, both those created for the book and those that existed prior to the book being published. Several of the patterns in the book were designed with Rowan Big Wool. This yarn isn’t carried by any of my local shops, and it’s pretty easy to substitute another super bulky yarn in its place for the patterns in the book, but I found myself really wanting to knit some of the patterns with that specific yarn. I found the colours very appealing, and I’m always on board for 100% Merino.

Rowan Big WoolRecently a friend of mine ordered a different Rowan yarn from Love Knitting, a UK-based online yarn shop. The shipping–standard airmail–took a while, but on the whole she was very satisfied with her order. They offer an fantastic referral discount (15% off!). (Here’s a link for the referral discount.) Last weekend I saw that the yarn I had in mind was restocked in numerous colours and slightly discounted, so I placed an order–lots of skeins in a pale green, a few in a pale blue, and one in a darker green.

The ordering system is really smooth~ I like the overall graphic design of the website, visually, plus I find that it responds well. I had a confirmation email very soon, and shortly after I received a shipping notification. That was the tricky part, because I couldn’t track my package and I just had to hope it would arrive. I have notoriously bad luck with receiving mail without incident…but luckily everything worked out!

Rowan Big WoolMy yarn arrived just about 8 business days after being shipped. Love Knitting shipped the yarn in a bright pink soft plastic envelope mailer. Since yarn is light and squishy, I did not mind that it was not in a box. Yarn is really one of the perfect uses for that type of mailing envelope–whenever people ship breakable things in those I cringe. Inside the envelope I found my yarn, slipped into very pretty sheer white drawstring bags, a packing slip with return labels printed with a pattern on the back, and some hard candies. I love the drawstring bags that the yarn is in; they’re simple and pretty. Much more appealing than plastic wrappers.

The yarn is lovely and soft. I adore Merino so much, haha. ♥ The colours are very pretty and even. I especially appreciated that each colour of yarn is from the same dye lot. There are few things as frustrating as ordering a quantity of yarn for a project online and receiving an assortment of dye lots. Sure, sometimes it’s inevitable, but it’s definitely annoying!

I started the Woodland Hoodlet almost immediately. My size 15 Addi Click tips are on loan to a friend, and it’s only now that I’m noticing how much I prefer those tips to the Knit Picks Sunstruck, which I’m stuck with in the meantime. I love how the pale green looks in the soft cables; I just hope the thing is long enough. I think my biggest fear with this project is that the body of the hoodlet will be really short, like some kind of exaggerated collar, and my arms/torso won’t be kept warm.

A Pale Green Hoodlet