5KCBWDAY6 – Views of Others, Views of Yourself

Write about another knitter or crocheter that you admire. Next, think about if anyone has ever told you how they feel about your knitting, positive or negative.

Views of Others

I have a huge fibre crush on Franklin Habit. I first discovered his writing when I was looking up Victorian-era knitting patterns. He regularly writes Stitches in Time for Knitty, and that was one of the most intriguing sources for patterns from roughly that era that I found when searching. The first pattern that I saw from that column was the Lady’s Travelling Cap. I was specifically looking for bonnet patterns, and that came up in one of my searches.

From there, I read his other historical pattern articles… and then the blog… and then I checked out his book from the library… and so forth. I particularly enjoy his writing for the tone of humor and honesty. Even a entry on something like misplacing yarn or tools, obviously a knitting tragedy, comes across as interesting, insightful, and fun~

I also appreciate his pattern writing and skillful execution of patterns. When I see any of his work, whether it be a new design or his rendering of another’s pattern, it always look crisp and even. I admire that he’s comfortable taking risks and trying something that doesn’t work just to see what could be possible. Vintage patterns take a lot of finagling to figure out! I am very uncomfortable trying something out if I don’t feel certain that I know what I should be doing, as the thought of undoing hard work is a serious deterrent, but when working with old patterns that were written differently or may have errors, sometimes that’s the only way to discover the right method.

I’ve been lucky enough to see him speak on knitting once. He is an engaging and lively speaker, very friendly and open towards the class, has a lot of humor to share and enjoy, and is very knowledgeable on his subjects. It’s always frustrating to watch someone present on something they haven’t prepared for sufficiently, but that was absolutely not the case. I hope that I’ll have more opportunities in the future to see another lecture or maybe take a class that he’s teaching~

Views of Yourself

I’m always surprised by the disconnect in what I think about my own knitting and what other people tell me about my knitting. Very recently I was in a group of knitters that I had not met before. We were all working on projects and talking. Someone was describing some of her past projects and what she hoped to make this year…and then she said something that really shocked me: “I mean, I’m not a knitter of your skill.

At that point I was holding my needles thinking, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?” o____________o

You could basically cue me falling off the chair, despite it already being nice and low to the ground.

I don’t think I’m a skilled knitter. I think I’m decent, but that’s about it. There are numerous techniques that I haven’t tried. (I’ve only ever knit gusset heels; only used the stranded method for colourwork; never touched laceweight yarn…) I regularly make enormous, catastrophic mistakes in proficiency or judgment. I have ripped out many a project, weeping softly, thinking that if only I had studied the instructions more I wouldn’t be in this sad shape.

I consider myself to be an acceptable level of knitter, with lots of room for improvement. Sometimes I like to think about Medieval knitting guilds and the projects that had to be completed to be accepted to the guild and titled a Master Knitter. I often wonder, “What would be my masterwork?” (I don’t know what I’d do with an elaborate knitted carpet/wall-hanging if we’re keeping with strict historical accuracy.) I think I’m going to be an “apprentice” for a long time~

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