5KCBWDAY5 – Something A Bit Different

It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog.

Today’s ♥♥Loves♥♥

  1. Rowan Big Wool. I am obsessed. Ever since that bundle arrived in the mail, I keep thinking about more patterns I could make with more of it to justify buying more of it. I dream of hoarding it and sitting on the wooly pile like Smaug.

    This is what I aspire to, just imagine the silly “treasure” as a much more valuable bounty: soft, beautiful, Merino yarn~ ♥

  2. Tiny Owl Knits. This ties in nicely with the above, because so many of her patterns are designed to use the yarn of my current obsession. I already have that yarn in supply for three patterns from Woodland Knits: Woodland Hoodlet, Dragon Watcher’s Hood, and Tiny Violet Hand Puff. But what about Grimm’s Cottage???
    Grimm's Cottage by Tiny Owl Knits

    I have not forgotten about you, Grimm’s Cottage. I am merely temporarily distracted because your pattern is not in the Woodland Knits book… and I am desperately trying not to spend additional money.

  3. Addi Click. Now that my Addi Click needles are being borrowed by someone else, I really miss them! When I first received the set from my late grandmother’s things, I had concerns about the click join and the metal tips. I didn’t really look forward to using them. Now that I’ve started using them, I miss how light they are and how easy the join is to connect.
    Addi Click

    I don’t actually have the fancy case, because my set is one of the older releases, but the needles and cables are just as nice! I’m very lucky to have them–they’re enjoyable tools, and they remind me of my dear grandmother. ♥

  4. Cables. Lately I want to cable everything. I finished cabled socks, made a cabled hat, am working on a cabled sweater, am eyeing a cabled hoodlet… This must be cable fever!
    Cable Collage

    Just look at those cables. Those wonderful cables. I think I should keep cabling on. And on. And on.

  5. Biofix Wiśnia Classic. When I first bought this herbal tisane I was not all that impressed… but now that I’ve been drinking it at work, I’ve really grown to like it. I think the trick is to steep it only a short while, or it gets bitter.
    Cherry Tea

    This contains 40% cherries, hibiscus, apple, and chokeberries~ It reminds me a bit of cherry cough drops, but the hibiscus flavor makes it different from straight-up cough drop tea.

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