Sock Time All the Time

Hexipuffs So Far I like to use up extra sock yarn as soon as the socks are complete, rather than saving it for later. I get bored with hexipuffs if I am knitting too many of them one after the other, and I don’t like the “looming” feeling I have if I know there’s a lot of yarn waiting for me to knit it into something. Even my Beekeeper’s Quilt project entry on Ravelry is set to “hibernating,” so that it isn’t at the top of my project page–although I do work on it on a regular basis–in-between any socks (or other fingering yarn project). The last of the Game of Thrones-inspired yarn from the previous pair of socks for my husband was swiftly converted to cute little hexipuffs.

Right now my hexipuff bin is really bright and colourful~ I like peeking in there and seeing all of the colours from the various yarns I’ve used in other projects, now as tiny stuffed hexagons. Because the hexipuffs have such a small stitch count, even at their widest point, the colours tend to pool and stripe in ways they did not on the socks. I like seeing how they look when envisioned in a project different from the one I originally worked on~

Starting More SocksI began the next pair of socks a few days later~ It’s nice sometimes to have a quick break. I can’t really read and knit at the same time, so if I’m doing a lot of knitting I’m watching and rewatching a crazy quantity of episodes of something (probably Twin Peaks, NBC’s Hannibal, or lately Pokémon) from Netflix or Amazon Prime. I took some time to read a few library books–especially helpful so that I could return them on time. As a child I was constantly in debt to the library for fines anywhere from a day to several weeks, and I’m trying not to lapse back into that kind of behaviour.

Another Sock, Another HeelI had a lot of time off from work in January, and on one particularly snowy and blustery day I just needed to get out of the house, so I went on an adventure to one of the yarn shops in the city that has a longer travel time. It’s not even located terribly far away from me, it just doesn’t line up perfectly with public transportation routes and involves some transfers and lots of waiting. Heading out into the cold and snow was worth it when the final destination was a cozy yarn shop that I don’t often visit.

I picked up a few yarns that I wanted for a current and planned project, browsed through the knitting needles but didn’t find anything I wanted to add to my collection, and flipped through the sale basket. I don’t have a lot of luck with sale baskets at most of the yarn shops in my area. (Usually it’s colour-related, but sometimes it’s also weight/fiber/etc.) It’s still fun to look–every once in a while there’s something interesting, although usually not interesting enough to purchase. I lucked out on this particular trip, though–there were two balls of Regia sock yarn. I’ve been interested in trying out Regia for socks for my husband, as I keep hearing positive things about the durability–and two balls in the basket were a blendofdarkbluishgraytones that I knew he’d like.

Skyp Sock #1I really didn’t want to knit plain stockinette socks, even though the multicolour “mosaic” dye pattern of the yarn would add interest to an otherwise plain sock, so I decided to use a slip-stitch pattern: Simple Skyp Socks. The yarn is so intensely coloured that anything too adventurous or complication wouldn’t really be seen when the socks were finished and being worn. Anyone looking at them would be utterly distracted by the variety of colours. (Of course, realistically how many people are staring at my husband’s socks? It’s all about my own knitting experience.)

Wednesday's TotalThis yarn was much stiffer and rougher than yarn I usually knit with. I expected this, given that I have a soft spot for Merino , but it was still something I noticed as I worked on the pattern. It didn’t irritate my hands, thankfully, but it did wear a spot on my pointer finger, which the yarn strand is generally guided over. I started wearing a band-aid on that spot about 1/3 of the way through the second sock.

Skyp Sock #2 In ProgressMy husband didn’t report any discomfort when wearing these socks. Quite the opposite, actually; he washed them almost immediately after wearing them the first time so that he could wear them a few days later. He’s worn them several times after, as well, now that I think about it. (I think these are becoming a favourite.) I asked him how they felt compared to the other socks, and he said they are stiffer but that he kind of likes the way they feel on his feet because they hold their shape very well. Given that, I’d definitely knit him another pair with Regia. (I’d also like to give Paton’s Kroy sock yarn a try. I might do that before I make another Regia pair.)

Skyp SocksThe slipped stitch pattern is very understated, but still noticeable. I received several comments on it from strangers when I was knitting these out and about. Generally it was something along the lines of, “Ooooh, those weird slashes are nice.” XD So, hooray for weird slashes~! The appearance reminds me a bit of a braid.

Skyp SocksI’m glad to have these socks finished, as it brings me just a smidgen closer to my goal of knitting up all the yarn currently in my stash~! That’s going to be so exciting! I’ve got an Aran sweater to go, though… and another pair of socks. This time the socks are for me. :3 He can’t be the only one of us who ever gets socks!