The Winter Woodland Games Begin

Twisted Rib Sock Cuff The Tiny Owl Knits Winter Woodland Games 2014 officially began on Friday, February 7th~ I managed to finish up all my works in progress prior to the event’s beginning–exactly what I had hoped to accomplish~ In fact, I was ready about a day in advance, making Thursday evening slooooooow and boring as I tried to figure out how to keep myself occupied without starting a new project. In the end, I wound the sock yarn for this project. I do not own either a ball winder or a swift, so it is a long and tedious process… but it did keep me busy! (And it was something I needed to do as prep work before the games officially began.)

I’m participating in the snow leopard sock jumping event, because I’ve started on a pair of socks. I’m knitting Paraphernalia by Taina Anttila. I spotted these socks a while ago, and I really adored the beautiful cable on the outside edge of each sock. It’s a lovely, twisting design. I’m making these socks for my husband, because he adores knit-by-wife socks, and I’m using yarn that I bought for him at the beginning of last year. It’s Lorna’s Laces, in one of the limited edition colourways that they produce for Jimmy Beans Wool. Specifically, it is the Game of Thrones-inspired colour “Winter Is Coming.” (He adores Game of Thrones.)

I wasn’t sure if I’d actually get to start my project on Friday, because I was at work when the event officially began, and my husband and I went to see a concert Friday evening after work. I definitely cannot bring my knitting with me to a show, haha. XD It worked out that I had about an hour after coming home from work before we needed to head to the venue, so in the end I did get to cast on and start on the official start day~ ☆ YAY! ☆

OwlcitedI’m enjoying the pattern so far; that cable is gorgeous and I find that having the cable makes the rounds feel like they’re going by faster. Sometimes socks with patterns that repeat in only a few rows seem to go on and on for ages. If they keep up at this pace, I might make yet another pair of socks for the Winter Woodland Games 2014!