WIP Wednesday: Ssssssnakes

Neon Hat ContinuesMy work-in-progress Wednesday recaps are likely to be up on Thursdays instead, because I don’t have knitting time until the evening–and the last thing I want to do before falling asleep is try to write and format, haha~

I figured out what to do with the roughly 3/4s of a skein of Manos del Uruguay Maxima that remained from an earlier project! Last year in early October I purchased the pattern The Parseltongue Hat from Tiny Owl Knits and knit this hat with some inherited vaguely self-striping tweed yarn. When sorting through patterns on Ravelry, I realized that pattern used just about as much yarn as I seemed to have left over. It was an added bonus that I didn’t need to purchase anything. (I’m involved in a “Buy Nothing New” challenge for February~ Still trying to recover from Christmas spending…)

I started the hat on Monday night, and finished it up yesterday~ It was my focus for WIP Wednesday, and it’s always thrilling to not only make some progress, but to finish what I was working on!

The pattern is pretty simple, and very straightforward, but there were some snags along the way. The biggest problem was simply that I was not paying enough attention. I was distracted while I was working on this–probably because I keep thinking about other things I’d rather be doing than trying desperately to use up this yarn! (I’m particularly excited about the Tiny Owl Knits Winter Woodland Games 2014, which start tomorrow!!! ★)

Snakey SnakesBecause I was not focused on the pattern, I did not complete the first cable repeat as instructed, and instead jumped right into the increase cables…which I also did not follow the instructions for, increasing all of the increases in one row instead of across a cable repeat of six rows. Rather than ripping it back out, I ignored the directions and completed the necessary three cable repeats across my increased stitch count, then picked up the pattern again after the three repeats were finished.

As a result, this hat is much looser and slouchier in the crown than the pattern intended. The pattern’s gentle increases create a sloping taper at the top of the hat, whereas mine is much looser in this area. I didn’t unravel my mistake because I don’t mind hats that are gathered generously, and neither does the recipient of this hat. Everyone has their particulars about fit, and thankfully–in this case–that is not one of mine. Not having to go back made this a very successful WIP Wednesday for me~ The hat is done, and the green yarn is out of my stash! Whee~!

I think the little snakes look really charming in such a bold and bright green! I don’t think I would have been as happy with most hat designs for this colour as I am with this one. There’s something really cute about neon green snake cables~ ♥