Brightest Scarf Ever

Safety ScarfI spent my weekend working on the Safety Scarf by Stephen West (WestKnits)~ Somehow, amazingly, it’s already done! I stayed up crazy-late to cast it off last night. When I get to a point in the project where I can so clearly see the end of the project, sometimes I can’t let go! I know that I should go to bed…but I can’t. Just one more row. Honest. Just one. Oh, maybe just another row. I’ll be done so soon. A few more minutes; that’s all it will take me. Next thing I know, it’s after midnight and I still have so many stitches left. (It wasn’t quite as dire last night as it could have been, at least! And I am really happy that it’s done!)

The pattern was generally enjoyable to knit; I’m mostly glad that it’s done because I intended it for a Christmas gift. I didn’t want to keep putting it off long enough for it to qualify for this year’s holiday giving. XD

I’m a bit frustrated that I still have so much yarn left over! I purchased two skeins of each colour, based on the yardage on the pattern, but I didn’t even use a full skein of the contrast (purple). I really wanted to have this yarn all used up before February 7th (Friday), because that’s the start date for the Tiny Owl Knits Winter Woodland Games 2014~ ♥ I’m looking forward to participating in the “snow leopard sock jumping” event, as I’ll be working on socks.

My current mission is to find a use for the rest of the Manos del Uruguay Maxima! A friend of mine has expressed interest in purchasing the purple from me, so that’s at least taken care of, but I’ve got about 150 yards or so of the neon green that I want to use up before February 7th! It’s proving pretty difficult for me to decide on a pattern for that neon green yarn without buying any yarn to accent it with. Yet, I know it can be done! I must keep trying!

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