Finishing Mitts and Onward

Purple Cabled MittsI am thrilled to have finished Wednesday the mitts I began on Tuesday–and they turned out exactly as I had hoped they would! Both have thumb gussets–which I really prefer as opposed to thumb openings when it comes to mitts. I feel like they fit on a hand better and keep one’s hands warmer. They’re also not terribly difficult to do; I modeled the thumb gussets on these mitts from the thumb gussets on Catching Butterflies by Tiny Owl Knits, which I knit recently. They use a kfb increase for the thumb gusset, and although it is not exactly symmetrical in appearance (due to the nature of the kfb increase) I was satisfied with the resulting appearance. For the cabled mitts, the kfb increases look even better because they blend in with the waffle stitch. The “bar” created by knitting into the back of the stitch is similar enough to a purl bump that it’s not very noticeable.

My only real concern with the mitts is their size. I tried them only myself to make sure they weren’t atrociously small, but my hands are smaller than the recipient’s hands. I hope they’ll fit her well. I’m hopeful that even if they seem a bit tight at first, they’ll loosen up as she wears them.

My next step is to finish up the necklace kit I bought to make for her, and then I can send a care package to her university with all sorts of handmade goodness. ♥ I’d really like to have it done in time for ♥Valentine’s Day♥–I could theme the package for the holiday and include some cards and other trinkets, too~ ♥

Now that the mitts are done, I’ve moved on to another gift for another knit-worthy little sister of mine. (Well, I call her my little sister, but we aren’t blood-related. I don’t think that matters, but sometimes people try to argue about it with me.) This was intended for a Christmas present this year, but I had a really rough 2013 fourth quarter, so it just didn’t happen. I’m hoping to finish it before the end of February, so that she’ll be able to use it while it’s still frigidly cold here. (Polar vortex, vortexing away~)

This request was a circular scarf that she could loop around her neck. At some point, I showed her the pattern Safety Scarf by Stephen West (WestKnits). She really enjoys neon colours, and it seemed perfect for her. This wound up being kind of fun for me, too, because it provided an excuse to buy more yarn~ I decided to go with the yarn suggested by the designer; I typically substitute yarn based on convenience.

Safety Scarf - BeginningI’m very happy that I tried something new! I’m enjoying the Manos del Uruguay Maxima yarn quite a bit! It’s very, very soft and so bright and cheery! It also hasn’t been leaving fuzz on my hands or tearing apart because it’s too delicate. It’s tempting to me to use it for more projects in the future…

The scarf pattern is split up into 6 sections, and I completed section 1 last night. The pattern is very clear and easy to follow, and I’m starting to really like the colours together as I go along. I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy the colours; they’re definitely not the sort of thing I would choose for myself, but I think they’ll suit the recipient of this scarf perfectly! ♥ I’m looking forward to moving forward with each section and seeing how it progresses.