30 Days of Knitting: Day 27

Day 27: How do you acquire most of yarn? Online retailers, local yarn shops, swaps, or large chain craft stores? What’s your favorite?

Most of my yarn is purchased from local yarn shops. Chicago (and the surrounding suburbs) has numerous yarn shops with all sorts of beautiful yarn. I also live very close to a Michaels, and my mother is not far from a Jo-Ann, so if I need specific yarns from a big-box style chain store (typically certain low-cost acrylics) I sometimes stop there. I don’t get as excited about that kind of yarn; I prefer the selection at my local yarn stores. I don’t often buy online. I enjoy looking at yarn in shops and being able to touch it or see the variations in hue or tone. However, if I need something my local stores don’t carry, I’ll buy online.

I’ve been trying lately not to buy yarn, but to use the yarn I already have. I inherited a sizeable stock of yarn from my grandmother when she passed away, in an assortment of craft store brands and local yarn shop brands. I don’t enjoy having a stash of yarn–I want to immediately use my yarn rather than save it for later.My last yarn purchase was Red Heart Soft in brown and white from a chain craft store. My best friend is having a baby soon, and she spotted a picture of a football-themed baby sleep sack and matching hat that she fell in love with. I agreed to make a version of the thing for her baby, but I didn’t already own any brown or white yarn, and I know she will prefer it made from machine-washable and dryable acrylic.

My favourite place to buy yarn changes sometimes. I am very fond of Loopy Yarns; their selection is pretty good and I’ve always gotten friendly service there. Sometimes I pop into Knit 1 Chicago; it’s a much smaller store, and sometimes I feel really awkward and out of place there, but I’ve bought a few yarns that I’ve really enjoyed. In the suburbs, my mother lives close to Mosaic Yarn Studio; I haven’t done a ton of shopping there, since I don’t live nearby myself, but I’ve really liked it.