30 Days of Knitting: Day 21

Day 21: Do you knit gifts for friends and family for the holidays or birthdays?

Yes and no.

I do knit gifts for friends and family.

I don’t knit gifts for the holidays or birthdays.

I have knit gifts for friends and family for the holidays or birthdays, but I find that it’s not quite sustainable. Some of my friends and family really adore hand-knit items. Some of my friends and family are less enthused. Some projects are quick. Some projects take a very long time. Some projects are delightfully cost-effective. Some projects are incredibly expensive. It’s often hard for me to strike the right balance to match every gift-giving occasion.Instead of trying to knit for every holiday or birthday, I focus on knitting the right thing for the right person when I have the time and money to do so. I don’t save those items for a holiday or birthday; I give them when they’re finished and ready, to avoid storing or losing the item.

For example, I knit socks for my husband on a constant basis. I could save them and give him socks for his birthday and holidays, but I don’t want to. When it’s his birthday or a holiday, I have other gift ideas. I enjoy knitting socks and buying sock yarn, so I want to knit them whenever I want to in whatever manner I prefer. I don’t want to be constrained by holidays.

Sometimes I come across a yarn and a pattern that seem absolutely perfect for a friend or relative. I don’t like to save those projects for holidays or birthdays, because sometimes I won’t plan well enough to meet the deadline. If I knit in advance and tuck it away for later, I might forget about it when that actual event comes around.

That said, sometimes I do give knit gifts for birthdays or holidays. Sometimes it just matches up. My desire to knit and my knitting effectiveness increases in the autumn, so there were a few years when I was able to knit Christmas gifts for a majority of my gift recipients. In fact, I might be knitting a few Christmas gifts this year! I just don’t want to feel pressured to do so every year.

(I know I really fell off the wagon in terms of posting, but I’m trying to catch back up!)