30 Days of Knitting: Day 9

Day 9: What fiber or yarn do you love working with?

My favourite yarn, hands-down, is Madelinetosh.

My first experience with one of their yarns was in late 2010. I had just started knitting “for serious.” As a new member of Ravelry, I was curious about yarns and fibers beyond those available in craft stores. I decided I was going to knit a few Christmas presents for some of my relatives, and I wanted to make some of those presents with yarn I hadn’t used before.

Prior to this excursion, I was not a fan of yarn shops. My experiences had not been pleasant ones. My mother crochets, but she preferred the prices and large quantities of acrylics at craft stores. I had tagged along with my Nana to yarn shops before, but I at best my presence had been tolerated, not welcomed. I made a few attempts to visit yarn shops on my own in later years, but I always felt like I was being regarded with skepticism. It was like a club that I was not a part of.My first positive yarn shop experience was at Loopy Yarns. (I actually wrote about it in an old blog post.) I went in looking for a specific shade of blue to match a yarn I had purchased previously, and the shop worker helped me scour the store for the perfect one. He was good-tempered and made me feel nothing but welcome. It made me come back a month later when I wanted to buy more yarn.

Start of a Honey Cowl

This was the first Madelinetosh yarn I used; I knit mittens and a cowl for my stepsister as Christmas presents.

That was the trip when I spotted Madelinetosh Vintage. The colours immediately caught my attention. They’re so rich, with so many different shades and tones. I like the way most of the bases feel; not too soft, but not scratchy. When I knit with it, I really enjoyed how it felt in my fingers. I approved of the stitch definition. Overall, I loved it.

Then I discovered the Madelinetosh Etsy shop and the thrill of constant updates. I joined the Madelinetosh group on Ravelry. I bought more yarn.

Striped Shawl Continues

I love more excuses to knit with the yarn I enjoy best!

I’m not exclusively a Madelinetosh knitter, but  I do love it! The colours get me every time. *_*