30 Days of Knitting: Day 7

Day 7: What is your least favorite piece that you’ve knit?

I’ve knit more “least favourite” projects than I’d really care to admit. I’ve been on a constant battle to avoid collecting yarn. I try to knit yarn as quickly as I can manage rather than buying more and more of it. Even though I don’t buy much of it, though, it accumulates because I tend to get yarn as little gifts or “oh I was just thinking of you” from various friends and family members. It just seems to turn up! I had knit almost all of my current yarn stash, and then I inherited more yarn from my grandmother, so it more than doubled even after I sorted out the yarns I’d be least likely to use.

I’ve been trying to cut back on “obligation knitting,” particularly because I’m not obliged to anyone with my hobby–I’m forcing these obligations on myself–but sometimes I still slip up. If I have yarn, I feel like I must use it, even if it’s not really to my taste.

One of my least favourite projects was something I knit in late 2010, shortly after rediscovering the yarn I had gathered up when I was younger. My best friend had bought some yarn with the intention that I would knit it into one or more scarves. She doesn’t knit, and I didn’t know enough about knitting at the time to provide her with any useful information, so one yarn was chenille and one was bouclé. I now know that I don’t enjoy knitting with either, but early on I was really attracted to chenille because of how it gently fluffy feels in the skein and bouclé because it was so curly.

Buttoned Cowl in Progress

I made several attempts to knit with this yarn with several different sizes of needles before settling on something.

Both of those yarns gave me a hard time, but the bouclé was the worst. I didn’t have enough of it to make a scarf that was wide or a scarf that was long, and when I started on a narrow scarf it looked really ridiculous. The colours also pooled oddly, even though it really only had two colours–blue and black. The textures of the blue and the black were different, as well, and my gauge changed every time the yarn transitioned.

In the end, I knit a very short scarf and sewed a button on one end and a loop on the other. It was a very awkward cowl or neck-warmer.

Buttoned Cowl

I preferred the way the vague striping looked vertically rather than horizontally.

I’m so glad that project is over. I will never knit it again. I’m not even sure it was worth the effort to knit it the first time!

At least the button was pretty. 😉 Picking it out was the most fun I had with the whole project.