30 Days of Knitting: Day 6

Day 6: What is your favorite piece that you’ve knit?

My favourite piece isn’t always the same. The best projects are projects that make me fall in love with them, and I’m always trying to find patterns that I think I’ll enjoy even more than the last.

Teeny Tiny Mittens

These mittens are just slightly fluffy and only a bit fuzzy, but they’re so soft~!

Right now my favourite project was a pair of teeny-tiny baby mittens. I knit them with a handspun (not by me) blend of mink and cashmere. They’re darling and soft. They’re so small. They’re for an upcoming baby that I’m really looking forward to, since he or she will be the daughter of a dear friend. They’re perfect. ♥

Little Bitty Baby Mittens

I love the colour of this yarn. I think it’s a gentle neutral that will be adorable with any outfit the baby wears.

I didn’t follow much of a pattern, although I read the Baby Mitts pattern from Spud & Chloe as inspiration. With that general idea in mind, I cast on what looked like enough stitches, knit ribbing until it looked good, and then knit in stockinette until it seemed like decreases made sense. I don’t usually knit projects that are so free-form, and this was the first time I’d felt confident enough in my abilities to not follow a pattern.

The yarn was lovely, too. I bought it at Vogue Knitting Live! Chicago, which I was lucky enough to attend last year (I won a ticket in a raffle)~ It was one of the only things I bought at the event. I liked looking around the vendor areas, but not much caught my eye–this was one of two yarns that I brought home. The mink in the yarn gives it a really slick and smooth feeling. Working with it was just as fun as petting it; it was a great tactile experience.

I’m looking forward to the next project that will seem so perfect!