Knitting Techniques Meme 2013

I love this meme~! ♥ I try to update it every year to keep track of my accomplishments. It’s like a list to check things off of~

bold – things I’ve done
italics – things I plan to do
normal – things I haven’t done
strike-through – things I won’t try

  1. Afghan
  2. I-cord
  3. Garter stitch (I love garter stitch so much. SO MUCH.)
  4. Knitting with metal wire
  5. Shawl
  6. Stockinette stitch
  7. Socks: top-down (I prefer top-down, even though I like the yarn economies of toe-up.)
  8. Socks: toe-up
  9. Knitting with camel yarn
  10. Mittens: cuff-up
  11. Mittens: tip-down
  12. Hat
  13. Knitting with silk
  14. Möbius band knitting
  15. Participating in a KAL
  16. Sweater (Soon, sweater. SOON.)
  17. Drop stitch patterns
  18. Knitting with recycled yarn
  19. Knitting with secondhand yarn (I seem to acquire a lot of secondhand yarn.)
  20. Slip stitch patterns
  21. Knitting with banana fiber yarn
  22. Domino knitting (I had to look this up. XD I didn’t know what it was!)
  23. Twisted stitch patterns
  24. Knitting with bamboo yarn
  25. Two end knitting
  26. Charity knitting
  27. Knitting with soy yarn
  28. Cardigan
  29. Toy/doll clothing
  30. Knitting with circular needles
  31. Baby items
  32. Knitting with your own handspun yarn (I’m not interested in spinning. Yet.)
  33. Slippers
  34. Knit bombing
  35. Continental knitting (I really want to learn Continental!)
  36. Designing knitted garments
  37. Cable stitch patterns (Mmm, cables.)
  38. Lace patterns
  39. Publishing a knitting book (I think this is pretty unlikely for me with my current skills. XD)
  40. Scarf
  41. Teaching a child to knit
  42. Knitting to make money (I can’t enjoy a hobby that I’m trying to turn a profit from.)
  43. Button holes
  44. Knitting with alpaca (For the record, this was AMAZING. Alpaca = ♥)
  45. Fair Isle knitting
  46. Norwegian knitting
  47. Household items: dishcloths, washcloths, tea cozies…
  48. Knitting socks–or other small tubular items–on two circulars (Not sure if I’d do this again. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I like DPNs and Magic Loop.)
  49. Dyeing with plant colours (Not interested in dying.)
  50. Knitting items for a wedding (This is very unlikely, although I wouldn’t necessarily refuse.)
  51. Olympic knitting
  52. Knitting with someone else’s handspun yarn
  53. Knitting with DPNs (DPNs = ♥)
  54. Holiday related knitting
  55. Teaching a male how to knit (My husband is actually learning; he wants to knit his own socks.)
  56. Bobbles
  57. Knitting for a living (No. No-no-no-no-NO.)
  58. Knitting with cotton
  59. Knitting smocking
  60. Dyeing yarn (Still not interested in dying.)
  61. Steeks
  62. Knitting art
  63. Fulling/felting
  64. Knitting with wool
  65. Textured knitting
  66. Kitchener BO
  67. Purses/bags
  68. Knitting with beads (I made a knit bracelet with beads from a kit. It was interesting! There’s a beaded shawl I have my eye on now…)
  69. Swatching
  70. Long tail CO (I long tail CO basically all the things.)
  71. Entrelac
  72. Knitting and purling backwards (It was an accident, but I think that should count.)
  73. Machine knitting (Not interested in acquiring said machine.)
  74. Knitting with self-patterning/self-striping/variegated yarn
  75. Stuffed toys
  76. Knitting with cashmere (Oh, glorious cashmere. *_*)
  77. Darning (I need more practice–I am so awkward at this.)
  78. Jewelry
  79. Knitting with synthetic yarn
  80. Writing a pattern (It was a very, very basic pattern.)
  81. Gloves
  82. Intarsia
  83. Knitting with linen
  84. Knitting for preemies
  85. Tubular CO
  86. Free-form knitting
  87. Short rows
  88. Cuffs/fingerless mitts/arm-warmers
  89. Pillows
  90. Knitting a pattern from an online knitting magazine (I ♥ Knitty.)
  91. Rug (Bath mat, I will conquer you.)
  92. Knitting on a loom (The last thing my tiny home needs is a loom…)
  93. Thrummed knitting
  94. Knitting a gift
  95. Knitting for pets
  96. Shrug/bolero/poncho
  97. Knitting with dog/cat hair (NEVER. Just the thought makes my allergies act up.)
  98. Hair accessories
  99. Knitting in public (This is where I do most of my knitting.)