Old Blog: The Sapphire Scarf Continues

I found a few blog posts from an earlier attempt to blog about my knitting, back when I picked up the hobby seriously in 2010. I’m reposting them here for the sake of archiving.

New Face of the Sapphire Scarf

I know I still have quite a bit of knitting to go, but it’s been quick so far.

The willpower to not go to the yarn store before class is something I did not have. Instead of eating a lunch (which was okay with me; I was too nervous about the exam to really want food) I rushed over to the nearest yarn shop to get a yarn to strand with the sparkly kind. I unraveled my progress, stuffed the awkwardly-rewound cake into my pocket, and hopped on a train. I thought this would be easy. I was wrong.

If asked to describe the colour I bought, I would quickly respond, “Navy.” It is exactly what I imagine as a generic navy. I expected it to match other navies.

Apparently it is not navy, but is instead some magical mystery colour.

There were at least 12 other shades of navy in the store. This was a far cry from any of them. Most were not saturated enough, too gray, too blue, too teal, not blue enough, and more. The very helpful shop assistant followed me as I wormed my way around the store, popping up with yet another skein of something blue that might be close enough. (I really appreciated his help! ♥ It would have been much more difficult with someone else offering up options.)

The winner was a particular heathered shade of Cascade 220–“midnight.” This makes the earlier point of the scarf (safe for machine washer & dryer) now moot, but there you have it. I was partially swayed by my desire to try working with Cascade 220 and with wool, and partially by my desperate longing to not go back to the big box store the metallic yarn originally came from. (It’s convenient, but I don’t really care. I’d rather patronize other places…like a yarn shop where no-one thinks I’m nuts for wandering around waving random yarn at other yarn.)

Equipped with more yarn (and more needles–this time Brittany needles; I can’t resist birch), I had to find a new pattern. I picked something with a star-stitch…and then sat for a good 10 minutes staring at the directions “purl 3 together, leaving the stitches on left needle, wrap yarn around right needle, and purl the same 3 stitches together for a second time.” It made no sense to me. Wouldn’t this decrease? How did you keep them on the left needle? My sanity was (thankfully) saved by a YouTube video illustrating the star-stitch.

I knit and studied until the exam, then got home to knit and bake. Everything was going smoothly.

…Until I looked down at the scarf and saw a row several rows back of backwards star-stitches. I had miscounted a row somewhere. I briefly considered leaving it in–even with her new glasses, my grandmother can’t see well enough to notice the mistake, right? But I couldn’t do it. I knew it would haunt me. I would see it, and other people would see it, and then what would they think of a granddaughter who gives her grandmother a ruined scarf?? What would they think??? Out it all came, and then my incredibly patient husband helped me figure out what row I was on and what row I needed to be on.

While he helped, we had a moment where it was suddenly very clear to me just how obsessed I’ve become.

“Cupcake, why didn’t you use that… blue… count-y… thing–like from the other scarf?”

Ah, yes–the row counter. It’s infinitely a “cuter” item when referred to as the “blue count-y thing.”

One more day to go! Only one thing to do: keep calm and knit on.